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Food Art Hospitality Pvt. Ltd is a professionally managed outdoor catering company which has reinvented itself. With years of experience our trained chefs prepare food in most hygienic way and impart subtle flavour and aroma to multi cuisines which are a part of our food itinerary. The cuisines served by Food Art are backed by immaculate services, aesthetic displays and presentations. The culinary passion of our chef fraternity has given new dimensions to Indian Gastronomy.


Food Art Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is an outdoor catering company managed by thorough professionals who have reinvented their royal services with the grace of time. Along with years of experience in their hand, the chefs at Food Art, curate food in an absolute mouth watering and mesmerizing manner, exclusively to contend the taste-buds of every guest. With diversity in style and presentation, the cuisines served are a sheer delight to all present at the occasion. Hence, being the reason how the passion of culinary excellence by the chefs has led to new dimensions in the Indian Gastronomy. Breathtaking tablescapes to suit every occasion, FAH has mastered the business especially with the foreign chefs taking care of the foreign cuisines. Therefore, what is served remains completely original and trendsetting variety totally intact.

Mr. Anil Girdhar & Mr. Sandeep Girdhar

From their years of inline experience and steadfast dedication to hospitality, Mr. Anil Girdhar and Mr. Sandeep Girdhar have elevated Food Art Hospitality to one of the most successful catering brands in India. FAH is now the preferred caterer to some of the biggest names in India and a favourite for those wishing to travel abroad while accompanying vast attributes of Indian and International culinary diversity with them. Under the stewardship of Mr. Anil Girdhar, FAH has built a robust clientele that can be counted in national as well as international spheres. With the company achieving its zenith and yet exploring more avenues of excellence, the promising scion, Mr. Parth Girdhar now takes complete control of the legacy.

Mr. Parth Girdhar

Mr. Parth Girdhar, who holds his graduation degree in Hospitality Management from Oxford Brooks and the master’s degree in International Hospitality Management from Leeds, England, is the fresh brain behind all the masterpieces that have been prepared by the company in the recent times. As his opulent legacy motivates him to delve into new horizons, Mr. Parth Girdhar is ambitious to unite his passion for hospitality with the company’s vision in order to reach even higher territories of success and appreciation.

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