The Creator
The Creator

The Scriptwriter

Mr. Anil Girdhar

The visionary progenitor of the Food Art Hospitality, Anil is a veteran in the field of catering services and is armed with tons of experience and expertise. He envisaged the concept of FAH years ago and was a major force in its inception. His unrelenting dedication and unparalleled drive towards excellence in work has brought FAH to where it stands today as one of the most premier brands in the industry. He shepherded the enterprise to the zenith of glory and widespread national and global acclaim with premium clients from India as well as abroad. Despite innumerable milestones that FAH has achieved so far, the team is always striving towards the vision of Mr. Anil Girdhar – ‘to create exceptional fine dining experiences that are manifested through sumptuous cuisines, Impeccable service, flawless execution and boundless hospitality’

The Chief Editor

Mr. Parth Girdhar

A chip off the old block but with revolutionary ideas and expansive approach; this is how Mr. Parth Girdhar can most aptly be defined. Parth has attained specialized education in the field of Hospitality Management from England and has ensured that the business is not only a representation of the expertise inherited in legacy and tradition but also of a meticulous services management approach acquired through formal training, research and learning. With his path-breaking initiatives, he has rendered the FAH enterprise to a new dimension with several new features and offerings which are novelties for the Indian culinary domain. He is accredited with introducing multiple developments in the organization pertaining to business strategy and operations such as deploying new & dedicated teams with specific proficiencies, emphasizing on employee training and motivation programs, focusing on food presentations, fusion dishes, innovative concepts in display management etc. Under his infectious enthusiasm and motivational leadership, the FAH promises to script numerous stories of ecstasy and joy.

We cook sublime food with subtle flavor and aroma adding pinch of style clubbing it with dollops of elegance so as to bring latitudes of culinary excellence.